New Asian TV series showcases EWC Grantee

TVE Asia Pacific (TVEAP) announced the global release of its latest Asian regional television series, Saving the Planet, The six-episode series features outstanding efforts in education for sustainable development (ESD) in South and Southeast Asia.

The stories -– drawn from Cambodia, India, Laos, Nepal, the Philippines and Thailand — were all selected through competitive public nominations in 2007. Each 10 minute story is a self-contained documentary, filmed on location by a local film crew with the participation of local organizations whose work was being profiled.

The third episode of this series features Soombath Somphone (East-West Center grantee: PI 71), Director of the Participatory Development Training Centre (PADETC) in Laos. This episode how the PADETC is trying to change the local school curriculum by introducing play-and-learn activities in schools.  Soombath explains:

Kids basically love to have fun. If we can get them to join the fun but link the fun to the learning, we actually get more of their attention.

The Saving the Planet series had its global premiere during the ACCU Asia-Pacific Forum for ESD Educators and Facilitators held in Tokyo, Japan, in late August 2009. The Forum brought together nearly 200 educators, facilitators, policy makers and researchers from 16 countries across the Asia Pacific region.


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  1. Hi, I recall Mr. Sombath Somphone mentioned in the recent newsletter. I would like to contact him if possible. Can you send me his email info?

    • Aloha Russel,

      To maintain the privacy of our alumni we do not release their e-mails. The EWC Alumnni Office will forward your e-mail to Mr. Sombath Somphone so that, if he so desires, he will get in touch with you.

      Best regards,

      EWC Alumni Office

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