Report from EWCA Tokyo Chapter

This fall the EWCA Tokyo Chapter welcomed two distinguished leaders of other EWCA chapters, namely South Korea and Thailand.

On October 16th, Dr. Song Young-Sun, member of the National Assembly of Korea met with Mr. Mr. Takashi Tsuchiya, President of the EWCA Tokyo Chapter. Dr. Song Young-Sun is a former classmate of EWC President Dr. Charles Morrison.

Dr. Song Young-Sun (l) and Mr. Takashi Tsuchiya (r)

On November 5th, Dr. Naris Chaiyasoot, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Thai Ministry of Finance, met with several members of the EWCA Tokyo Chapter. Dr. Naris Chaiyasoot is the president of EWC Thai chapter.

Dr. Naris Chaiyasoot (center) and members of the EWCA Tokyo Chapter

On other news, the EWCA Tokyo Chapter held a steering committee on October 24th and decided to hold a general meeting on January 23rd to discuss activities and budget for 2010.


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  • 2 thoughts on “Report from EWCA Tokyo Chapter

    1. Aloha! Great to see more Asian linkages (Thailand, Korea) here in Japan (my home of 28 years) perpetuated through EWCA. The East-East relationships fostered at EWC are at least as significant as the East-West ones – and this realization is the ideal behind our Indo-Japanese Music Exchange Association (which also includes culture lying between these two South-North representatives of Asian civilization). We celebrate our 20th anniversary of building bridges North-South in Asia in the same month and year as we commemorate the tearing down of the wall that divided East-West my blood relatives in Germany. We invite you to celebrate with us twenty years of progress (in spite of obstacles) in universal human liberty and intra-regional cultural relations.

      Tim Hoffman
      EWC 1979-81
      performing artist, scholar & activist
      Director, Indo-Japanese Music Exchange Association
      Lecturer, Keio University (Tokyo)

    2. Dear Mr. Hoffman,

      Thank you for your comment. Tokyo Chapter will host an Annual Meeting on Jan. 23rd. If you are interested in further information, please contact me.
      Currently I am the head of the Chapter and work at JETRO.

      My phone at the office is 03-3582-5543. My e-mail is


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