Renewing an old acquaintance

The following letter below was sent to Rose Nakamura, former program officer and participants officer at the East-West Center.

Dear Rose,

I just received the East-West Center Observer and read about the National Award that you received as a Compassionate Caregiver. I am almost certain that you won’t remember me, but from 1972-1975 I was a recipient of an open grant to study Chinese history and culture. At the time, I was in my early to mid ‘20s.

This summer, I turn 60 and now am a dean (as my title just below shows) and, as you will see in the news release below, China is still close to my heart. I was tremendously influenced, all those many years ago, by your compassion and kindness and have held fond memories of you ever since. You helped a must less scholarly young boy from a rough area of Brooklyn, New York, realize his dreams and directions, and to become a wiser man.

Thank you sincerely for your compassion so many years ago.

Robert M. Goodman, Ph.D., MPH
Dean and Professor
School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
Indiana University