1969-1970 Tokyo Mini-Reunion

By Kaz Matsumoto (’69 TESL)

Hello and Aloha,

On 20th March, seven of us got together after a long absence.

Place: Party Space at the top(25th Floor) of the Akiyamas’ residence building in the central downtown, just at the foot of Tokyo Tower. The space has an outside terrace of 270 degree view, a possibly ideal place to enjoy those famous Tokyo fireworks in summer season.

Faces: Remember these faces, with a little bit old tints?
(From Left) Michio Kanai (’69, Retired), Noriatsu Matsui (’70, National Institution for University Evaluation), Suzanne Speakman Akiyama (’70, Editing and Consulting), Sumiko Watanabe Horiguchi (’69, J.F.Oberlin University), Takamasa Akiyama (’70, Nihon University), Hisatake Jimbo (’69, Waseda University).

The get-together was planned to be a tea party but wine bottles were opened, an order of pizza was phoned, conversation went on and on… It is genuinely so nice to see those faces of the EWC again!

We have been trying hard to update the contact information of those at the Center in 1969-1971. Since the end January, within two month period, nearly 50 Japanese now living in Japan have been identified with their email addresses and almost 20 of good old faces now living outside Japan have been updated so far.

Fellow ’69-’71 grantees or participants, please get in touch with us!
Kazuyuki Matsumoto ’69 TESL matka@jcom.home.ne.jp

Please update your contact information of the EWCA Online Directory now, and let us plan to see each other again at the 50th Anniversary Honolulu Conference in July 2010! We have so much to share again, this time maybe more than before.


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