Live Streaming Video from Bali

UPDATE: We will not be able to bring live streaming video as planned due to technical difficulties in Bali. We hope to post the videos of the scheduling streaming after the conference. Please check back for updates.

The Associates Office is experimenting with new technology and are planning on streaming live video from the Bali Conference. Check back on this blog during the following dates and times to get the link to the video stream. If you miss the live stream you can always check back here and we will have the links to the videos posted.

– November 13, 9 am Bali Time (3 pm HST), Opening and Keynote Speeches

– November 14, 12:30 pm Bali Time (6:30 pm HST), Speech by Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle

– November 15, 5:00 pm Bali Time (11:00 pm HST), EWCA Membership Meeting

If you have any questions regarding live video streaming feel free to leave a comment!