In Memorium

Members of the Bangladesh Chapter of East-West Center Alumni Association express their deepest condolence at the sudden demise of Prof. Zia Haider and Prof. Moniruzzaman (May they rest in peace).

These two distinguished personalities contributed significantly in the field of Arts and Literature in Bangladesh. In recognition of this both of them received several awards which among others include Bangla Academy Award and Ekushey Padak (National Award).

The demise of Poet Zia Haider and Poet Moniruzzaman caused a wave of mourning in the cultural area of the country. Both Mr. Zia Haider and Dr. Moniruzzaman were alumni of the East-West Center.

Mr. Zia Haider, born in November 18, 1936 in the district of Pabna, while Dr. Moniruzzaman, born in August 15, 1936 in the district of Jessore in Bangladesh did their respective graduation from the University of Dhaka with honours in Bengali.

Mr. Zia Haider obtained a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Hawaii under the fellowship program of the East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, while Dr. Moniruzzaman obtained his Masters degree from the University of Dhaka and completed his Ph D in 1969. Dr. Moniruzzaman also participated in the East-West Center’s short program in Honolulu, Hawaii. Mr. Zia Haider also participated in a number of EWCA in regional and international conferences.

Mr. Zia Haider died of cancer on September 2, 2008 and Dr. Moniruzzaman died on September 3, 2008 from kidney related ailments following an open heart surgery.

Members of the East-West Center Alumni Association Bangladesh chapter express their heart-felt sympathy to the members of the bereaved families and hope that God will give them strength and courage to bear such a great loss.

Signed- Abu Ekramul Ahsan
Chapter Leader, EWCA Association,
12 September 2008