New students arriving to EWC

By Itsuko Suzuki (’62-’64)

It’s that time of the year – when new participants arrive at the East-West Center to begin their respective programs. The excitement is palpable at the Center as things gear up in anticipation of their arrival.

This year 160 students will be arriving this weekend and will take part in various orientation programs scheduled by the East-West Center Education Program. Here is a sample of the types of activities going on at the East-West Center in the upcoming weeks:

August 9 – 11: Welcome Reception by current students and Hawaii Chapter alumni volunteers will be ongoing as each student arrives during this time.

August 11, 4:00 pm: Hawaii Alumni and Friends of the East-West Center are putting on a Bazaar Sale of used kitchen items for arriving students to help them furnish their rooms for a nominal price (10 – 50 cents per item). The small profit that is made will be given to the EWCPA to be used for student activities.

August 12 – 22: The Education Department is putting on a two-week student orientation chaired by Laurel Dudley.

August 13: The Alumni Office is hosting a pizza lunch to welcome new students and give them an opportunity to meet with alumni.

August 23, 11 am – 2 pm: The EWCA Hawaii Chapter will be hosting their annual picnic at Kapiolani Park, giving the opportunity for alumni to mingle with new students. Approximately 250 people, including participant’s families, will be gathering for this event.