2010 International Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii

In 2010, the East-West Center will mark 50 years of working to promote understanding and cooperation in the Asia Pacific region, including the United States. This golden anniversary year is an opportunity both to celebrate the accomplishments of the Center’s first 50 years and to look forward to addressing the needs and challenges of the Asia Pacific community today and in the years to come.

One of the premier events of the 50th anniversary celebration will be the EWC/EWCA International Conference 2010 in Honolulu from July 1 to 5, hosted by the East-West Center and the East-West Center Association. The conference theme is “Leadership and Community Building in the Asia Pacific Region.”

The 21st century is often characterized as the era of the post-national and the global. However, the world is still made up of diverse nations and states, and the survival and success of the global community depend on the ability of these nations and peoples to understand and cooperate with each other.

The challenges of the 21st century cover virtually all aspects of life and society, including commerce, human rights and cultural identity. Globalization increasingly requires that problems of the environment, social welfare and technological innovation be dealt with in frameworks larger than the nation state. At the same time, states and governments also face issues that are smaller in scale than the nation state, including response to localized natural disasters, ethnic and religious conflicts, and demands from regions and other groups for changes.

The EWC/EWCA International Conference will consider the position, importance and relevance of national interchange and interaction in the 21st Century and the impact of social, cultural, technological and political factors on traditional national frameworks and new international frameworks and institutions. In doing so, it will draw on the richness of experience gained in half a century of study and involvement by alumni and staff of the East-West Center.

Since it is being held in Hawai‘i – the crossroads of the Pacific and the home of the East-West Center – the conference will also provide an opportunity for the EWC community to “return to the source” to renew old friendships and make new ones. We hope you will start making plans soon to join us!


8 thoughts on “2010 International Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii

  1. I do hope to be a participant and look forward to the events. Since my First contact goes back to 1972!!! I guess I can claim some sort of seniourity. Count me in for any role that seems appropriate

  2. This is good. I left Honolulu in 1991 and really look forward to coming back in July 2010. I received the Makan award in recognition of the work I did at schools in the community. I continue to do a lot of work with educational institutions in India. I also had the privilege of bringing abacus education into India and published a book based on my learning in Chennai, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. It would be nice to have an opportunity to have a session with a school district or a few school district in the islands on abacus education. It increases mathematical ability and enhances learning. It would also be practical to teach a team of teachers to teach abacus. I would like to hear from you in this regard

  3. Hello,
    It is great to know that the East West Center would be completing the 50 years and about the 50th anniversary celeberations. It would be great to be part of it. My best wishes to you all.
    Anil Kamboj

  4. As co-chair for the 2010 Program Committee, I would be happy to get suggestions for the kinds of things you all would like to see included as part of the conference. Of course, we can’t do them all but you may have wishes or interests we may not have thought of. Let’s use this space for “global planning.”

    Vasanthi’s suggestion on contact with the Hawai’i public schools we can take under consideration, although July is during the summer recess.

    BTW James, I am from 1962 so I claim seniority over you!

    For others, if you have suggestions for the Programme Committee, please let us hear from you.

  5. I am really looking forward to attending. Class of 68, hoping to catch up with friends. Visited EWC in Jan 08, nostalgic experience. EWC changed my life.
    M.P. Lawrence now M.P. Maskell

  6. Let us fix the dates early as am sure that many would like to reserve early. Would also request if you can send us recent bulletins in this respect. For sure I like to attend and meet my former classmates. Lots of hugggssss……..
    Ed Canela

  7. I would like to participate in a participatory workshop on “cultures” where we use a anthro-soc template to compare cultures based on various culture models such as Edward Hall’s 10 categories (interaction, association, time, space, sexual roles, resource allocation, etc.) or T. Roosevelt’s that could lead to a handbook(s) which could be used in classrooms to teach the individual ethnic cultures to show how to appreciate differences and to enable better communication! alumnae ’64-’67

  8. I shall appreciate if you please share when a tentative program is made when we shall be able to share our ideas. Thanks.

    -Abu Ekramul Ahsan
    Chapter Leader, Bangladesh Chapter

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