Time just right for new U.S. Asia Pacific Council meet

Opening panelTake economic tremors in the United States that quite possibly could spread to Asia, add a billion Chinese who are feeling a little disrespected by the rest of the world, stir in a new conservative prime minister in South Korea and a Mandarin-speaking Prime Minister of Australia and what do you get?

Just about the perfect time, in the thinking of Center President Charles Morrison, for the latest gathering of the U.S. Asia Pacific Council of the East West Center.

The Council held its fifth annual Washington conference in April, featuring presentations by 16 leading economic, political and security experts and a keynote speech by Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte.

Weren’t able to attend? No problems.

To find out what was said and what the latest thinking is, just go to the complete transcript of the conference, including selected Power Point presentations, photos and the full text of Negroponte’s speech. It is posted right HERE.

An East West Center news wire story on the Negronte speech can be found HERE.