EWCA Mentoring Program

By Itsuko Suzuki ( ’64 )

The East-West Center Alumni Associate Office offers a one-semester mentoring experience (for APLP-ers, a shortened version of the program) for interested EWC students.

This program is jointly sponsored by the EWCA Office and the Friends of the EWC.

EWCA Mentoring Program provides a great opportunity for EWC students to link with successful leaders in the professional fields in the Honolulu Community. The EWC students will be matched with these professionals according to the students’ field of specialty to gain valuable field experience related to the “work culture” and “work environment” in their mentor’s profession.

Participation in this program is on a voluntary basis for both mentors and students.

We are finishing this semester’s program this month and we have just sent out 100 invitations for participation to newly arriving degree students to their home countries so that they can apply early.

If there are any alumni out there who would like to participate in this program as a mentor or know someone in Hawaii who would like to participate, please contact us at alumni@eastwestcenter.org. If anyone not in Hawaii would like to implement a similar mentoring program in their country for returning EWC students/new alumni please contact us as well.