Climate Change and the Center

By Dr. Noel Kent ( ’67, ’74 )

As an EWC alum and someone deeply concerned about climate change, I am wondering if we alumni can push, prod, make some proposals to the Center to focus on the impacts of China/India fossil fuel emissions in the years to come and help stimulate work on new technologies to be shared between our nations. What do you think?

One thought on “Climate Change and the Center

  1. Noel,

    there has been some interesting work done by an Australian academic Barry Pittock on this issue (google him). Pittock give a scenario for third world countries to increase co2 emissions thru to I think, around 2020 and then for them to reduce emissions thru to 2050. The same scenario would have we in the west reduce right throught this period. That’s justifiable equity in my view given we ‘own’ most of the surfeit of Co2 currrently accumulated in the atmosphere.

    However this sensible suggestion has has been somewhat overtaken by the much more rapid than projected rise of emissions from China and to a less extent India. So a technolgical fix is indeed crucial, as you suggest. In my view the key is not to depend exclusively on technology given its emergence and spread will always be uncertain. I would argue we need emission trading schemes with fixed reduction targets to operate in parallel.

    By the way Noel I am looking for contributors for the climate change panel at the Bali Conference in November. Even if you are not attending I am seeking brief (5 min) written contributions from any alumni (which would still be presented at the conference as part of a group effort) and which simply outlines the measurable effects of climate change on your region or country. I have sent a note to all chapter leaders on this project. My Email contact can be found in the EWC website – Alumni Chapter contact details.


    Jeremy Webb
    President, Brisbane chapter

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