EWCA Online Community

Did you know you can access the EWC alumni database to find contact information on old alumni friends or to make professional contacts? The EWCA On Line Directory is available for all EWC alumni. This is a free service provided by the Center.

To register go to http://www.memberconnections.com/olc/pub/EWT/. You will need to include your ID number which is a seven digit number located above your name on the address label used to send your newsletter. If you cannot find your ID number, email us at alumni@eastwestcenter.org

One thought on “EWCA Online Community

  1. I found some old friends through the On Line Directory and have been in contact with them. I noticed that many alumni have not updated their information, such as addresses or telephone numbers and would urge them to do so.

    The friends I contacted were as happy to hear from me as I was to hear from them.

    M. Sarwar Alvi

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