Dig deep at the gas pump

chat-with-feridiun-web.jpg Senior Fellow Fereidun Fesharaki gave a fascinating presentation about America’s (and Hawaii’s) energy future Wednesday evening to a gathering sponsored by the Friends of the East West Center.

His message: We’re about to join the rest of the world in paying substantially higher prices for gasoline at the pump, no matter what happens geopolitically, domestically or even in alternate energy options.

It’s all, he says, primarily a case of supply and demand.

For a complete report on Dr. Fesharaki’s talk, go HERE

One thought on “Dig deep at the gas pump

  1. That was an excellent and illuminating talk by Dr. Fesharakhi on the Energy Crisis and the response was amazingly large. Friends of the EWC need to be congratulated for making this possible. I learned a great deal about the options available to policy makers about the existing crisis and to know that prices will go higher for gas even with diesel and biofuels and nuclear. As consumers do we want any subsidies for consumers during a period of inflation and financial crisis that we currently face? Will the State of Hawaii be prepared to take measures to protect its residents to face even higher rates for electricity than what we now have and what will happen to the cost of supplies entering our islands?

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