East-West Center Views is up and running

Thanks for visiting the new East-West Center sponsored web log, East-West Views.

This blog has been created to help inform our East-West Center community and reach others interested in the Center and the Asia Pacific region. What you will find on this blog is a collection of independent voices brought together with the common link of the Center. Blog entries will be written by Center leaders, researchers, students, alumni, and others connected to the Center.

Look directly below for the first few entries. We’d like your reaction as well as your ideas about what you would like to see discussed here. We’re particularly interested to hear from folks in the field who might have first-hand observations on the issues discussed here.

This site was created to help the Center’s mission by strengthening relations and understanding among the peoples and nations of Asia, the Pacific, and the United States. This is an open forum and comments may be posted. Submissions will be reviewed prior to posting for content inappropriate to a discussion group.

Be sure to read the President’s Message for more about this site.

3 thoughts on “East-West Center Views is up and running

  1. How exciting!

    As someone who has been peripherally involved in helping get this blog together, my hat goes off to those who did the heavy lifting – especially Linda Kay Quintana, Mark Mcmahon and Jerry Burris.

    Personally, I’m hoping that this will prove to be a dynamic virtual meeting place for the kind of informal person-to-person exchanges and experiences that make the EWC community so extraordinary, but that don’t always make it into the more formal “official” Center literature.

    Of course, that will above all require participation, so I hope everyone else is fired up about this too!

  2. The Blog is great! Any chances that we can get more exposure to the blog by providing a link on the EWC Homepage? The blog was not that easy to find as I had to bump into the link by going through the Alumni Page link on the EWC homepage. I think it would spur more participation if we make it easier for our community and interested readers to access the blog directly from the EWC Homepage. Possibly with a “subscribe” button for RSS feeds. Keep up the good work! Aloha!

  3. Aloha,
    It is nice that there is a way to communicate with EWC and EWCA people. Thanks to all who have set up this blog.

    I am looking forward to the conference in Bali in November.

    Also, we are interested in sharing information about travel in Indonesia before the Bali conference. If someone has information about traveling in Java by train, I would be interested to hear more about the pro’s and con’s.

    Thank you. My email is clangham@ucsd.edu

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