EWCA Executive Board Meeting

The EWCA Executive Board recently met on March 20. The phone conference call linked alumni board members in Virginia, Atlanta, Hawaii, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Mumbai. Discussion focused on progress in implementing the EWCA Strategic Plan (general consensus was we are making pretty good progress) and how to activate chapters.

One suggestion that drew considerable discussion was whether to downgrade non-active chapters to liaison status. Several members noted that chapters are led by volunteers and we have to be careful about penalizing them for non performance. After all, the chapter leaders are not getting paid for their services. Do you have any suggestions on how we can activate our chapters?

One thought on “EWCA Executive Board Meeting

  1. Thanks so much for your work on getting our EWCA chapters active! I have one suggestion that may help the EWCA community better understand how chapters might increase activity. Today, much of the chapter activity can occur online. I am unaware of the current definition of “chapter activity” but I think it should include activities and communication that occurs online. For example, the APLP Alumni have numerous “group list-serves” that help us share news and events. In addition, the APLP Alumni network has a Facebook community with over 75 active members. This helps us keep up-to-date and also helps us collaborate on new initiatives. APLP is also making good use of LinkedIn, a professional networking site that helps members share information and connect professionally.

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